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First impressions do count — which is why the first call with a lead or prospect is crucial. One of the most common mistakes you can make in a discovery call is to only focus on what you and your company offer, rather than focusing on the client and their needs.

Discovery Call - One Year No Beer

It is important that the client understands what you can do for them. However, you need to find the right balance between talking about your company, while also making sure the client feels heard and understood. This is such an important step, yet it is often skipped. Before any discovery call, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the company and the prospect.

Remember, this is not a last-minute rush job just before you pick up the phone.

You are determined to change.

Allocate generous time for it in your calendar, enough to get it done right. Your goal for the discovery call should be to gather as much information from your prospect as possible.

[SFM] Journey and Discovery

A good practice to achieve this is to set the agenda at the beginning of the call. Then the client will have a better understanding of what to expect overall.

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Knowing that your focus is on them will help ease their mind and open them up to giving you the information you need. The true beauty of a discovery call is that you can qualify a prospect by getting the information in conversation mode, which helps set the tone for a positive relationship down the road. Use the checklist to organize your own thoughts, but make sure the client never feels as if they are answering a questionnaire. Polish your conversational skills to make it friendly and fun.

The best discovery calls are very well planned, without feeling stilted.

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One way to achieve this is by mapping out the possible outcomes of the call, so you are not trying to figure out what to do on the fly. It also makes the post-call process a lot smoother. Take some time to think about the different ways your discovery call could go and the various post-call actions that would be best under the specific circumstances.

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Make sure to take notes during the call. Lots and lots of notes, if necessary. During the conversation, jot down important points, details about the prospect, facts and figures, and anything else that strikes you as significant.

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You can use the notes during the call to expand on certain points or refer back to something said earlier. Then, after the call, use the notes to summarize the most important information, and save it on your CRM for future reference. If you prefer not to go freestyle, you can create a notes template with a bullet-point list of information worth gathering.

This can help give much-needed structure to your note-taking. The Calling Journey model applies to leaders called to business, ministry, politics, or any other endeavor. Based on The Calling Journey by Tony Stoltzfus , a well-known leadership coach, this model is a powerful tool for understanding God's larger plan. Using biblical principles and extensive research with leaders from all walks of life, the timeline tracks your movement through four major stages: Natural Promotion, Preparation, Releasing and Fulfillment.

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The stages are divided by "Valley" seasons that focus on inward renovation. Our research has identified the key tasks, common experiences and typical ways God deals with us in each stage.

The timeline above maps out the life of Joseph. Called as part of his family's destiny, Joseph's story takes us through his time as the favored son in the Natural Promotion stage, his Preparation years in Potiphar's house and in prison, his Day of Release into a large-sphere role in politics, and finally to the reconciliation with his family that led to the Fulfillment of his calling.

You can learn the basics of the Calling Journey model, create your personalized timeline and print it out in color in 30 to 60 minutes--or start now and come back later to add more to your saved timeline.